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Hiring! Looking for an Art Teacher

Each Arts and Academics Teacher works in a team with the Teaching Artist to provide after-school academic support and arts enrichment for students living in Cedar Park and Geneva Woods. The team will work together to design activities and projects to ensure that students complete homework on a regular basis, while being enriched through engagement with the visual and performing arts. The Team also offers one Family Night each month in each location to showcase children’s works, meet parents, and nurture positive community bonds.
The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation has identified the 40 traits of successful students featured by the Association of Alaska School Boards ICE project as a central focus for this program, help build resiliency within students. The Juneau Arts and Humanities Council is committed to the view that the arts are integral to developing strong, successful students.

Duties include, but may not be limited to:
• Program design and implementation: Along with a Teaching Artist, develop lesson plans, based on the Alaska State Standards and aligned with homework expectations from teachers in elementary schools.
• Provide daily instruction that integrates the arts, along with guidance for participating students.
• Plan and implementation of monthly Family Nights including programming, refreshments, opportunities for families to get to know each other. May include guest presenters/Elders/Culture Bearers and other artists, depending on themes and focus of each month.
• Maintenance of supplies and classroom areas, including shopping for supplies, keeping them in good order, setting up and tidying up instructional area.
• Work within the allocated budget: for supplies and payroll. Be responsible for managing available funds, submitting paperwork for payments to JAHC in a timely fashion.
• Maintaining records of attendance at daily sessions and Parent Nights, work accomplished by students, and completing monthly reports for grant reporting purposes. Also sharing information about student progress with the family. Must write one article/quarter for JAHC website, about program activities.

This is a grant funded hourly position.
The program is offered 4 days/week, 2 hours/day + 1 hour/day for prep time for a total of 3 hours/day.
Plus an additional 3 hours one evening each month for the Family Night.
The program will be offered during the school year, starting immediately and ending May 30, 2012 with unpaid breaks during the winter and spring breaks.
Employment is at-will.

Position requires:
o Good communication skills, oral and written.
o Experience working with a diversity of students. Preference will be given to individuals with experience working with Title 1 students.
o Experience working with families.
o Attention to detail, ability to work independently, and to manage administrative duties of a single classroom as well as provide instruction.
o Teachers must be certified to teach in Alaskan schools. Preference will be given for teachers with Elementary Education endorsements.
o Preference will be given to teachers and artists with experience integrating the arts into classroom instruction.

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