Annual Farmer's Market & Local Goods Festival

SATURDAY | AUGUST 31 | 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


The Juneau Food Festival is Juneau’s premier end-of-season Farmer’s Market, with a focus on locally grown and produced foods and crafts.  The Food Festival also seeks to enhance Juneau’s sustainability, with a panoply of opportunities to

 learn skills, techniques, and best practices in all areas of growing, harvesting, preparing, and processing all sorts of comestibles.  From do-it-yourself backyard gardening and raising poultry to exciting economic opportunities for small businesses, Juneau residents won’t want to miss this day packed full of targeted learning opportunities and delightful treats!

The Food Festival is also a marketplace for local businesses and non-profit organizations to generate revenues by selling produce, baked goods, and other foodstuffs with locally grown and harvested ingredients.  All are welcome come to the JACC and celebrate a cornucopia of delicious products, learning more about the bounty of the land and sea that is all around us.

2019 Vendor List and Workshop Schedule Pending.


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