Become a professional Teaching Artist!

In order to become a Teaching Artist eligible for residencies in the Juneau School District, an artist must be accepted onto the Juneau Teaching Artist Roster through an application process which requires completion of the Teaching Artists Academy.

The Statewide Teaching Artist Roster (STAR), coordinated by the Alaska State Council on the Arts, provides eligibility for statewide residency work.  To find more information and review eligibility, go to for details and more information.

Teaching Artist Academy

About the Teaching Artist Academy:

During this workshop series artists learn how to work effectively with students of all ages in varied settings in Juneau and, potentially, elsewhere in Alaska. Each workshop features expert teachers, administrators, and consultants who share knowledge, skills, and techniques. Topics include:

  • Current brain research on why the arts are important, and how they tap into brain functioning like no other discipline
  • Preparing a lesson plan
  • Integrating the school’s curriculum and the Alaska education standards
  • Engaging and managing a classroom full of students
  • Effectively communicating with the schools before, during, and after a residency

The workshop series typically involves 5 sessions and up to 12.5 hours total. As a part of the workshop, participants may observe a class in a school, write a lesson plan, and teach their lesson to a group of students.

Past Teaching Artist Academy Facilitators in Juneau include:

  • Ryan Conarro – Teaching Artist, Actor, Director
  • Lynn Williams – Former Juneau teacher, Consultant. Presidential Award winner for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics and Science. Grinder State Associate for Non-Verbal Classroom Management.
  • Lorrie Heagy – Glacier Valley Music Teacher/Librarian - Juneau. 2011 Alaska State Teacher of the Year.
  • Annie Calkins – Alaska State Council on the Arts Special Projects Coordinator for Arts Education.
  • Roblin Davis– Teaching Artist, Actor, Director


How much does it cost?

The cost for the Academy is $90 per participant.

When will it be offered?

The Juneau Arts and Humanities Council (Arts Council) hosts the Teaching Artist Academy annually.

How do I sign up?

We are gauging local interest and rural community interest in order to structure the Academy.  Please contact Jen at the Arts Council at 907.586.2703 or email her at, and let her know:

  • Your level of interest
  • Your community of residence
  • Your art form to teach
  • If you want to earn UAS credit for the academy (subject to changes)

Feel free to contact Jen with any further questions, or explore the Alaska State Council on the Arts website: The AIS Teaching Artist Guide located on this site provides a full description of the program.

Continuing Professional Development Opportunities:

Current offerings noted on our Education Blog!

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